My friend Sofia Manning and I wrote a book about, for lack of better words, personal development.

Karma in Sanskrit translates into action, so one could call it a book with hints and advice on taking personal action.

We share our own experiences, sources of inspiration and the lessons we have learnt from Zen Masters, grandmothers, western philosophers,martial arts instructors through art and artists as life itself.

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Sofia (Coach) and I have written a book on the subject of self-development. In ‘Personlig Karma’, we try to approach the subject in a humble manner and hopefully the book is read as a support and as an encouragement to discover your personal karma.



Sofia and I decided that we would share some of the exercises from the book with those of you who have not had time to buy the book yet. These are exercises which are helpful if you are stressed or if you want to be more present. A few of the exercises can be found here