We live in a world that becomes increasingly smaller, more transparent and interconnected. Due to primarily globalisation we as companies, which is also the case for the THORNICO companies, act more globally and produce and sell worldwide. 

One can choose to see this connectedness as something negative or, as we in THORNICO think, as something positive. We use it to draw us closer to the people we work with, to ‘tear down silos’ and think more holistically of the things we do. We do this in our companies and workgroups by giving ownership and actively encourage an increased involvement and shared leverage with customers, partners and other sectors. So you can call Company Karma a kind of CSR version 3.0 where we try to, where possible, think more holistically, in a 4 x win where our companies, customers, partners and a cause in which we believe and find important all benefit. Especially in terms of the climate and the local environment.

It is our intention that Company Karma becomes an integrated part in all our companies and all businesses in which we operate. We have initiated the process and have come far in some companies - in others the process has just begun.


‘Company Karma’ is the story about the meeting between the professor and businessman, between Steen Hildebrandt and Christian Stadil. It is the story of a trip to Tokyo, a journey into each other’s personal experiences and most importantly; a new way of making business and doing good.

The book underlines that the concept of karma is crucial for today’s and tomorrow’s human. It is about “what you send out into the world, you get back”, and this is more valid than ever in a world where we all are connected.



In an effort to meet some of the world’s most pressing societal and environmental challenges, THORNICO builds on its core competencies by leveraging on the business and industry knowledge of its many companies.

This has given rise to a number of successful Company Karma Projects; some have grown into wide-scale initiatives through years of dedication, while others are still taking form as they develop. Common for them all is that they have become great inspirational sources for THORNICO at large, its employees and the business environment.


Our journey towards doing
good while doing business